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Disclaimer: The University of South Alabama has no affiliation with this journal in any way.

This community was created for students and new teachers who are from the University of South Alabama. I also hope that other more experienced teachers/senior teachers will join. This should be a place for us all to share ideas, present problems, ask for solutions and tips, support each other or just share the stories of our particularly good or bad days.

This rule isn't even just a rule for here, it's a legal issue; do NOT post pictures of your students, list full student names, or post anything that would allow a reader to single out exactly which student you are speaking of. Giving a child's last name, a description of appearance, or any other remarks that the child's guardian would be offended by is prohibited. Remember that most of us have a location listed in our profiles and this highly narrows down where you are teaching. This community is here to help teachers become better educators, not to start legal issues. It is against the law to post pictures of students without express written permission from the guardian of the child. *In other words, feel free to post about problems with a student, but either use a different first name or if it's a common name (like John or Mary), first name only, if you're naming the child at all. If little Mike's mother happened to read the entry, it needs to be written in a way that she wouldn't know you were writing about her son.* THERE IS NO NEGOTIATING HERE.

1. No garbage... this includes spam, bickering (name calling, saying things just to be cruel, not to be helpful), picking fights, put-downs, etc. If you wouldn't tolerate it from your students, we won't tolerate it here. Feel free to debate! It's fine to disagree as long as it is done respectfully. Even better, if you can back up your feelings with examples, books, articles, research, we can all learn from each other!
2. If you are posting the same thing in other teaching communities, remember that most of us are members there as well as here we ask that you use a cut. A good rule of thumb is that, if it's over two paragraphs (or about 10 sentences), you should cut it. This prevents the same people from having to read/scroll past something long as you place it in several similar communities. All you have to do to make a cut in your journal entry is write <.lj-cut> (without the period before the l). For more info on using the cut, go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
3. If you have any questions/concerns/issues, contact the mods FROLICNAKED (frolicnaked at yahoo.com) or Marlene (bklynspirit05 at aol.com)
4. If you are discussing political situations, please include a link to an actual news story about the situation before your rant/rave. We can't comment/help with things when we only get a piece of the story.
5. BE NICE. We're all here because we're all learning/suffering/rejoicing/beginning together. There is no need for more difficulties than we each face daily in the classrooms.

Disclaimer - We are all here to support and give advice. Use your best judgement before taking anyone else's advice. Only you know yourself, your students and your situation.

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